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Dec. 27th, 2006

Defy Fate

Voice Post: Wed, Dec. 27th, 2006, 10:16 pm

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“So... I'm walking home from work and it's really cold. The wind's died down, but it was windy. It was raining and it was hailing. It's still raining, but... uh... Yeah, so, needless to say, I'm REALLY COLD. I thought that was information I needed to share with everybody. So, Adrian's car is dead... something about a piece of plastic costing $500, so he may or may not be coming to get me. And, it sucks, but I understand and all. But still... $500 for a little piece of plastic because they have to tear apart the engine to get to it... So, he's taking it in tomorrow to get it checked out and they said they'll try to get it done tomorrow, so he may still be coming down, but I'm not holding out. So, that's that... and... I dunno... It'd really suck to miss Jody's first major concert, you know... She's a friend of mine and I was planning on getting her something to commemmorate the incident... or the whatever... I'm too cold to think, so yeah... that's it, nothing to say again. I just like making these, so... Bye.”

Transcribed by: rustrose

Dec. 25th, 2006

Defy Fate

Voice Post: Mon, Dec. 25th, 2006, 01:40 am

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“Hey! It's Christmas, so this is my Christmas post. I just wanna wish everybody out there a Merry Christmas. Happy ChrismaHanuKwanzaka! Beyond that, there's really nothing to say so that's it. Bye.”

Transcribed by: rustrose

Dec. 20th, 2006

Defy Fate

Voice Post: Wed, Dec. 20th, 2006, 04:37 pm

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“Okay, this is Patrick Quinn's first Livejournal voice post. So, there's not really much to update about. I mean, there's nothing ground-breaking or earth-shattering on my end. I just work, come home, and I read and play video games... play with my kittens, of which there are many. The 28th, the 29th, and the 30th I will be in Phoenix, so anybody down there who wants to get together or would like to see me should notify me. And I have a phone number. It's below this post. Or you can email me. I can check my email on my cell phone, but it's just a real pain to reply so I don't do that. Adrian should get ahold of me, so I know when he's coming up (what day, that is) and can plan accordingly. Phoenix should remind Adrian to remind me to bring the zombie goodness... the board game that I recently bought. I'd like Christina to get ahold of me somehow, and Brooke, cuz I haven't spoken to either of them in a while. I've been thinking a lot about the past lately... people I've befriended and kinda fell out of contact with and it's just something I regret, so I'd like to get in contact with some of those people once more. So, yeah... beyond that, the reason I'll be in Phoenix is for a concert. It's for Jody Gnant, who's a real good friend of mine and she makes awesome music so you should really check her out and support her. You can listen to her music on her website, which links to her myspace, but... You can go to her website at jodygnant.com and I'd appreciate if you left a comment on her website, just telling her you were sent over there by me... let her know that I'm doing my part. Other than that, I'm trying to hang out with Mike and Tamara, but our schedules are conflicting. And none of you know Mike and Tamara, but they're supposed to take a kitten from me... which I'm getting really attached, so it's kinda hard to get rid of five kittens in a junior one bedrom, even though I know I should... but they all curl up in my lap and they're very comfortable to sleep with. So, yeah... I think that's about it... I mean, there's really nothing else to say. I could complain about cigarette taxes and I could complain about politics, but that's not what I feel my journal should be about... not that I really do anything with it anymore. So anyways, I'm outta here... Das Vadanya.”

Transcribed by: rustrose

Dec. 13th, 2006

Defy Fate

(no subject)

No interweb! OMGWTF!!!111!1!. Amazingly I am surviving just fine without it. But, if anyone really wants to get ahold of me


Nov. 13th, 2006

Defy Fate

(no subject)

Hi, been a while. Nothing new is going on. I work and I play on the comp. Thats about it. Although I have taken to learning to make forum sigs.
First Sig EVER made. Craptacular.

A little better with the blending.

Yay. Although cap needs to be blended with teh background.

Go me.

Sep. 11th, 2006

Defy Fate

(no subject)

Me sacrificing Kittens


Sep. 10th, 2006

Defy Fate

(no subject)

Whats it take to get a pity fuck?

So yeah, Im going crazy with this whole making video's bit...It is becoming increasingly amusing..I dig it.

Sep. 8th, 2006

Defy Fate

And Idea

You wanna get a idea on how I am coping right now? On how I feel?

I made a video...

P.S if your at my house and Alicia and I are in the room at the same time, be a pal...don't watch this.
Defy Fate

Current Playlist

Most depressing songs ever list in order of depressingness

2.Bens Fold Five-Brick
3.Obligatory Johny Cash Hurt Remix.
4.VAST- Don't take your Love away
5.W. LazaruS-Goodbye horses
6.Moby-Sleep alone

Theres my current playlist..over...and over...and over.

Sep. 7th, 2006

Defy Fate

Obligatory statement regarding Steve Erwin

Right, I see many people saying how basically he got what he deserved.

Simply put...FUCK THAT.

Steve Erwin was not a bad man, therefor he did not get what he deserved.. End of story. You want to see someone get what THEY deserve look to the actual EVIL people of this world.

Even before his fame Steve would go to little known villages to relocate Croc's to prevent them from being killed. He would adopt hurt and injured animals and rehabilitate them. His contributions in Preserves alone make him a hero in my eye. I for one never saw him actually hurt a animal, annoy them sure, but how many people annoy me on a daily basis. The animal can turn around and attack him, yet I would get jailed for such a act.

Steve Erwin..was a good and kind man who if you watch his eyes when he talked really cared for these creatures. Have you seen him weeping over the corpse of one of his crocs? That isn't fake, its real..I know tears, I know pain. What kind of man would stop for a kangaroo corpse laying in the road and move it to the side so scavengers wouldn't get hit while eating? Not many I know.

Let me ask you a question, you have a job...and someone walks up and says, hey I like what your doing here lets make a television show about something you are already doing...would you say no? Why? You are already doing that job...what would be so different about it?

Shit people, when has mankind become so jaded and heartless as to nearly celebrate a mans death or simply write it off as a deserved one?

There are many things I dissagree with about almost every one of you, but I would not just shrug my shoulders at your death and im the one people call fucked up. Some people take their cuases and activism to far when they begin to lose their own humanity.

so again...Fuck That.


Edit*Penn Gilette is my hero

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