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Defy Fate

Enough Introspective crap, Now for something completely different.

I can still see you shinning,
Shinning up on that stage,
The spotlight showing,
For you it was made,
But me, I sat aside watching from my cage,

So many people told you,
Told you, you were great,
That the same words I spoke sounded hollow,
You burn so brightly,
Your gifts so great
That all I can do
Is stand in your shadow
And from a distance follow.

No matter what I do,
Or what I say
It will never be enough to receive the love
You give to the world
But even so....
At your side I will stay.

I try to make you understand,
Understand how I feel
But you give so much of yourself
That there is little left for me.

I can only hope,
That a time will come
When you need,
Need my love
And all I have to give.

But right now I sit,
I sit in the crowd
And watch you shine
Watch you give yourself
To the world.


I hate to be a mood killer...but I think the word you're looking for in the first verse is "shining". "Shinning" makes me think of Alicia standing on a stage kicking a row of guys in the shin. heh, go figure.
Well it doesnt have anything to do with Alicia.
But your criticism is well earned.
i feel like i suddenly got knocked into the past where i seem to remember writing a piece regarding someone we both know with an eerily similar theme...

tee hee...oh the good old days :)
Defy Fate

April 2015

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