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ToXic Revival

People with heart conditions should consult a physician before viewing.

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Make me take the time to tell you, this little secret I have. Sliding upon the waves of time. Making moments mean everything. Showing up for my own life. I rarely do what I should. And I find solace in few things. Me
80's music, ab positive, b negative, baaaad people, baptist drowning, being pleased, black purples, blades, bloody smells, books on midgets, branding, budist nudity, candle wax, candles, catholic castration, cats, church warden's, clouds, clove oil, clubs, code red, coffee, coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee *twitch*, colored contacts, composing, concerts, cox communication, cutting, darkness, deep thoughts, delerium, depeche mode, diabolical pink flamingos, divination, excommunication, eye of newt, fans, fiberglass instilation, fifth element, fish food, flash design, fruit (cock)tails, giligan, glow in the dark, gone in 60 seconds, hair dye, hat pins, hate, holy water, hookers, i, in the middle people, industrial, islamic circumcision, jew oven burning, kalabash, killer robots, kmfdm, knifes, labryinth, large purple oranges, lawn gnomes, lexx, lightening, lords of acid, love, love gnomes, male pleasure drones, masochism, matrix, me, midget love slaves, midgets, monk tossing, music, myself, nailpolish, nasa, neverending story, nice people, notes, oasis, paint chips, penis rings, people in cells, people in spandex, people with noses, people without cloths, people without noses, photography, piercings, pizza, pleasing, poetry, pokers, poppy z. brite, premature ejaculation, puppy dog tails, rain, red greens, road trips, rubber pleasure ducks, sadism, sexual gratification, skinny puppy, slinky!!, small brown fish, snails, sporks, stars, sugar, swimming, swords, tables, tattoos, the color black, the color red, the color silver, the cure, the kitchen sink, thermo-scapals, thoughts, thunder, tim burton, type a positive, type o negative, ultraviolence, urinal cakes, vnv nation, voodo head removal, wake, witch burning, writing

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